June 30, 2006

Divine Vision - I

He thought he created the future…

Prince of a flourishing kingdom, aspired to be the King, lost the throne to his younger brother because he was blind. But the destiny had some different plans, the younger of siblings met with premature death and the prince found himself on the throne. The sages, saints and scholars of the country decided that he would remain the caretaker of the kingdom and the throne. The king’s men remained loyal to him and he ran the kingdom excellently bringing glory and prosperity to kingdom. His rule came to be known as the golden era in the known history of humans.

The king had fabulous children and the young princes were intelligent, brave, courageous, determined and their fame spread like wildfire on the planet. The king’s younger brother, who had died at very young age, had left behind a wife and five sons. His sons were also brilliant and basked in the glory of their achievements and fame at very young age. According to the arrangement, the caretaker King was to give up the throne and the eldest of his brother’s sons was to ascend to the throne, being eldest of all and the legitimate heir to the throne after his father’s death.

This was a painful reality for the King, it had become a bone of contention and the King remembered it all his life. For a man of his stature, it was humiliating. He was elder and thought himself to be the legitimate King but the throne was given to younger one! It pinched him, all the time; the life was not same for him. The bitterness in him started to build up and grew with time. He knew the throne belonged to him; he knew that no one on the planet can challenge him for this. In his solitude, he cried, cried like an innocent baby…he prayed days and night and years went by. But then he was a capable man. Thus the man who experienced dejection, as the years passed started to accept the truth was and then slowly regained composure. With all his bitterness, courage that he had gathered over the years, the memories of the insult that haunted him … (the throne belonged to me… It was God’s gift and a natural right as I was elder)…he decided to strike back.He met with the great minds of that time and took their help. He devised a powerful plan not only to keep the throne but also make him the first King to rule this planet and the universe. He wanted to do the unthinkable and he was on his way to accomplish it. With greatest ever minds on his side, he was about to do what was not known to anyone. It was unthinkable, only till that moment, not any more; the plan to build the largest ever empire had been hatched

His men divided the fertilized egg from the Queen’s womb, into hundred different cells and engineered them to produce the most powerful, brave, courageous and intelligent men in the history of mankind. They developed fetus in the specially made pots and containers, securely kept in well-sophisticated rooms and labs.
One hundred strongest and bravest men were born and the King saw his future in them. He was overjoyed, thrilled and proud at the sight of his bright sons.

And he thought he created the future of his own choice…

to be continued...