July 01, 2006

Divine Vision - II

And he thought he created the future of his own choice…

The powerful thoughts have parallels and nature has her own ways.

When the King was preparing to strike back and his sons were getting ‘manufactured to do so’, somewhere, in distant part of the planet, some sages and saints, who were dedicated to the divine mission of taking care of humanity till they live, were the men who saw the future. With their meditative techniques and psychic powers, they found out what the future would be on the planet…they saw the rules of nature being defied, the manufactured men and women ruling the planet and the earth, the space, the human kind being destroyed never to live again. Then, they knew that the time had come for another plan to be hatched…an unthinkable plan… unprecedented task was to be accomplished and the execution had to be flawless.

They teamed up with the well-known kings, great minds and scholars of that time. They knew that if the King is not stopped now, the humanity would be destroyed forever and the earth would not remain habitable anymore. They saw eradication of the Mankind, suffering of humans and they reasoned that it would take someone wise and enlightened to counter such powerful force .With all their knowledge, which they had gathered in their lifetime, they created an enlightened beautiful man with supernatural physical, spiritual and mental powers. This man had knowledge, possessed wisdom and was guided by the divine forces of the nature. He was wise enough to perceive the future and steer his actions, words, mind and strength for the benefits in future. He was unstoppable once on a mission…an almost Divine Force!

The divine force went on his mission right from his childhood to teenage to the youth and beyond! Throughout his life journey, he had his objectives in his focus and he steered himself to his objectives acting accordingly. Steadily, he reached a point where he had achieved his ultimate goal, to eliminate the hundred sons that the King created to avenge the injustice he had suffered. With that, he also eliminated all who had the knowledge of repeating such an act.

The mission was accomplished and the order of the world was restored.

to be continued...

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