July 27, 2006

SQA : Organizational Culture

Interface - A surface forming a common boundary between adjacent regions, bodies, substances, or phases

SQA is an interface between the organization and its people, the human capital. The organization sets goals for process improvement, chooses a model to adhere to and then organization wide processes are rolled out. SQA must be careful in this aspect of his job. The roles, responsibilities, project organization and organizational hierarchies should be clearly understood.

The escalation mechanisms and modes of escalating vary in the organizations. An SQA will not be very well received if the escalations start taking place, in the organizations, where, escalating an issue is a rarity. On the other hand, if SQA function works only on the basis of escalating the issues then one may not be able to do the job without several escalations a day. However, if SQA function escalates too often and too many times, either the importance of escalation is lost or the efficiency of SQA function comes under scanner.

Similarly, in some organizations, communication may be written & formal and in others, it may be verbal & informal. Clear understanding of organizational factors like the size, organizational goals, and behavioral patterns are critical for smooth functioning of SQA.

It’s the presence of such factors that make the gestation period in process industry on higher side and therefore, it will be a while before some basic understanding is developed and right level efficiency sets in.

The SQA should strive to understand the organization culture. The value of the SQA will be visible and seen by relevant stakeholders when the SQA conducts himslef according to the established organization culture.

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