August 30, 2006

SQA: Coach

With audits, reviews and issue handling being the predominant responsibilities, an SQA responsibilities move towards mundane daily tasks. With time, role of the SQA is understood well and with understanding comes the predictability in the work. Organizations, SQA functions and the SQAs should seize this opportunity and raise the level of services rendered to the projects by ensuring that an SQA act as a process coach.

An SQA should spend much of the time in coaching the project teams on organization's software development processes. Although this approach is recommended in the Organizations where the process improvement initiatives are new, however, it is of equal importance to the mature organizations.

While in the immature organizations, where the process improvement initiatives have just begun, SQA can coach the project teams about the organizational process assets, the SQAs in the mature organizations can coach the project teams about the improvements areas with in the projects, while the mundane tasks like audits can be performed by project teams.

Thus with this approach, while the day to day tasks are taken care of, the thrust on improvement initiatives makes sure that the improvements keep happening the organization.

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