October 16, 2006

Back from Holiday

To be on a Holiday is bliss.

Specially for an Indian working in Indian IT service sector.

My decision to take a sabbatical of few weeks, to be with my daughter and then join the industry back has met with raised eyebrows and astonished faces.

It was nice to be on a holiday, to meet the dear ones whom you have not met for years together and to just travel. For two weeks I was in north India, trying to sort out some property related issues and then travelling around.

However, missed a ride in the Delhi Metro

Well for project management enthusiasts, Delhi Metro is the biggest infrastructure project undertaken in India since 1947, estimated to be at more than Rs. 10,000/- crore in terms of cost, the project was completed in time and within budget.

In these days of delayed projects with frequent cost over runs, I think this is an example, which we will keep learning from in the time to come.

A holiday with famly, in the company of good books is a greater bliss!!!

In the last few weeks, I have finished few books like;

  • The Mahabahrata, By C. Rajagopalachari
  • 11th Commandment, Jeffary Archer.
  • The Monk who Sold his Ferrari, Robin Sharma
  • Who will Cry when you Die, Robin Sharma
  • Creating Affluence, Deepak Chopra
  • Solve your problems - The Birbal Way
  • The Ice Iream Maker, Subir Chaoudhary
  • Angels and Demons, Dan Brown
  • Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown

I this holiday, I developed a taste for business megazines like Business and Economy and 4 P's of Business and Marketing a daily The Economic Times and realized that I should have studies finance, atleast the basics, very early in my life.

In my collection, I have book called A Short History of the World, H.G. Wells, 1922 edition, reprinted in 1938. Let me share with you an interesting 'coincidence' related to this book.

I bought this book from a man selling old books and periodicals on January 1, 1996, and this book was signed by a gentleman with date January 1, 1946!!!

Well not finished yet, but half way through it, the book is a treat for anyone who likes to read the history of the world & mankind, and this copy particular copy is special, because the author has mentioned somethings which were not possible in 1922, but they are a part of 'general awarness', like landing on the moon, highflying jets and cross atlantic journeys.